Fellow Republicans in Greece

I am deeply honoured  by the decision of “Republicans Overseas” to appoint me as Chairman of the Hellenic Chapter. I promise to help realise the vision of the Board of Directors of our organisation to create, staff and operate a working office in Greece which will be responsible for coordinating and assisting US Republican citizens in Greece in voting for all elections stateside, as well as to create a Republican Help Desk for various problems, mainly taxation, which US citizens face while living abroad.

My associates, and all the volunteers who will be working diligently to accomplish these goals, welcome you to this page and our events, and call on all Republicans to assist us in any way possible, firstly by following the contents of this webpage, our Facebook page and our events, but also we call upon you to offer your assistance as required in our events, which we promise will be numerous and very interesting.

Lastly but not leastly, we hope that many of you will join our organisation and become volunteers to help further our causes, the main of which is improving the life for Americans abroad.


With my best wishes

Jonathan Constantine

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